The liveblog of my reading of Dead Aid will continue shortly.  However, it is worth passing along links to several really good critiques of the book, published elsewhere:

Lawrence Haddad from IDS has a review on his Development Horizons site (thanks Andy Sumner from IDS for the heads-up).

New friend Owen Barder (thanks again for the birthday drink!) has an outstanding, brutally detailed review on his personal site.  This link is to a short summary review, but he has a very prominent link to the longer review on this page.  Read it.

A very thin review from The Economist

And finally, a hugely important review from the blog Zambian Economist (thanks Ryan Briggs for pointing me to it).  Why is this review so important?  Well, besides its serious detail, it is written by a Zambian, thus undermining the argument that all of these critical reviews are just the development community beating down a voice from the Global South.

Given this body of reviews, why continue liveblogging?  Well, each of these reviews takes on the whole book, but is limited in size and scope (Owen’s megareview notwithstanding), whereas I can leisurely point out issues as I come to them without worrying about length if I go chapter by chapter.  Second, I think the liveblog gives some insight into how a critical reading of the book might go as it happens . . . or maybe you all just can see my mind at work.  In any case, I think there is something of value here, at least until you all tell me there is not.