Hello, my small but dedicated fanbase . . . I’ve recently had a few readers request permission to pass along either the blog or a particular post to other folks.  My answer:

PLEASE pass the blog along!

I admit to writing this mostly for myself, but a nice side effect seems to be that some people find it interesting.  In any case, I think a few folks are worried that I will get in trouble for the blog back at my current place of employment – don’t worry, I won’t.  You’ll note that I never blog about work – blogging about work would cross into writing about my job, which immediately causes legal problems with regard to publication – basically, I’d probably have to get each blog post cleared by the legal team at work, and they have much better things to be doing with their time.  So, I am only writing about things that I am not addressing directly at work (I suppose that means you could try to figure out what I was not blogging about, and by subtraction work out what sorts of things I am dealing with at work, but I don’t post often enough to make that viable), and mostly things that are addressed in my soon-to-be-released book.  It’s all fair game, folks, so share away!

Thanks to everyone who is already reading and commenting, here and on Facebook – it makes me miss lecturing just a little bit less . . .